guessing instead of knowing

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if you are alive and healthy today

you are blessed.

hello tumblr. havent seen you in awhile.

if you are alive today, do not forget to thank God. It is another day to choose to live for him, another day to fulfill His plan for you.

and for all you disbelievers who are offended of this post, feel free to leave this page. it is a free country. if you are offended, dont look at it. its as simple as that.

wefoundtherhythm-deactivated201 asked: saw your post about the nse program and wanting to go to csula (its where i go). i am applying for that program to go to school back east. seems like a good program ha

which program… music acting or dancing?

ahem* noone cares.

Anonymous asked: my friend there interned for Sony and other major studios. She worked on the smurfs movie and got to read the social network scripts and whatnot before the film was even made. If u can't go to sc or UCLA try csun. The film program apparently is the best public program in la besides UCLA. Some even say its 2nd best to usc since USC is geared towards big budget films and csun is more indie movies and stuff. Plus they film stuff there ALL the time


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Rooney Mara 
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


Rooney Mara 

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

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damn, i miss dancing.

i bet i freaking suck now. no musicality. i would probably learn in snail pace now. haha.

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Pretty in Pink by Gabrielle Wee.
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